Only 1 week left!!!

Its getting to be that time… The Dan Roberson Benefit Tattoo Raffleis coming to a close. With 8 days left the chances are looking pretty darn good for anyone that got in while the gettin was good. That doesnt mean its over, not by a long shot. At $20 bucks a ticket there is still a chance for anyone to get on board. Dont wait, get your tickets today. We are so close to having a months rent paid clear for my pal.

I also have finished some new artwork for the art auction. I am super stoked on the response from the auction. As of now i think every piece Ive uploaded has been spoken for. And there is still more coming. I just finished a 9 piece magnet set valued $90 with the opening bid at $25 buckaroos. Quite the value.
In travel news, it has become official that my pal Clint Schliecher will be joining me at FX tattoos in Ashtabula OH, October 25th and 26th. and Pittsburgh Pa at the Meeting Of the Marked Tattoo Expo  October 28th-30th. I am taking appointments for both here. I will be unvieling a project Ive had in the works for a few weeks, some new art and with any luck some merchandise. I am truly excited to see all my friends in Ashtabula, Pittsburgh and beyond. Its been too long.
And of course the social media update, as always you can find me on facebook. But now you can follow me on twitter @davidmeekart, and follow me on the next wave at google+! I look forward to seeing you all at the shop or on the road or somewhere in cyber space.
9 piece magnet set valued at $90… bidding starts at $25 bucks here
5×7 girlhead. Bidding starts at $25 here

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