This month i put on a raffle to benefit a friend of mine struck by a train in North Carolina. Being a 1 man operation my efforts were small but deliberate. I managed to raise just under $500 bucks for my pal Dan Roberson. With a now 4month old son and not working for at least another 6 weeks, every little bit helps.

Id like to thank everyone that participated in my fundraising efforts:

Nichole, Britney, Carla, Nathan, Ned, Ben, Cyndi, Stephan, and Bobbie. In addition to the raffle I auctioned a handful of origianls that I had painted and as of today the winners are Bryce, Rebekah, T.O Roberson, and Bobbie yet again.
And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for the winner of $400 worth of tattooing by me is…………………
Ned Jaquish… Hell yeah man. Congrats to you and again I want to thank EVERYONE that bought tickets. Youre all winners to ┬áme and everyone that bought a ticket will recieve $20 off of their next tattoo of $100 or more.

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