This month i put on a raffle to benefit a friend of mine struck by a train in North Carolina. Being a 1 man operation my efforts were small but deliberate. I managed to raise just under $500 bucks for my pal Dan Roberson. With a now 4month old son and not working for at least another 6 weeks, every little bit helps.

Id like to thank everyone that participated in my fundraising efforts:

Nichole, Britney, Carla, Nathan, Ned, Ben, Cyndi, Stephan, and Bobbie. In addition to the raffle I auctioned a handful of origianls that I had painted and as of today the winners are Bryce, Rebekah, T.O Roberson, and Bobbie yet again.
And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for the winner of $400 worth of tattooing by me is…………………
Ned Jaquish… Hell yeah man. Congrats to you and again I want to thank EVERYONE that bought tickets. Youre all winners to  me and everyone that bought a ticket will recieve $20 off of their next tattoo of $100 or more.

Only 1 week left!!!

Its getting to be that time… The Dan Roberson Benefit Tattoo Raffleis coming to a close. With 8 days left the chances are looking pretty darn good for anyone that got in while the gettin was good. That doesnt mean its over, not by a long shot. At $20 bucks a ticket there is still a chance for anyone to get on board. Dont wait, get your tickets today. We are so close to having a months rent paid clear for my pal.

I also have finished some new artwork for the art auction. I am super stoked on the response from the auction. As of now i think every piece Ive uploaded has been spoken for. And there is still more coming. I just finished a 9 piece magnet set valued $90 with the opening bid at $25 buckaroos. Quite the value.
In travel news, it has become official that my pal Clint Schliecher will be joining me at FX tattoos in Ashtabula OH, October 25th and 26th. and Pittsburgh Pa at the Meeting Of the Marked Tattoo Expo  October 28th-30th. I am taking appointments for both here. I will be unvieling a project Ive had in the works for a few weeks, some new art and with any luck some merchandise. I am truly excited to see all my friends in Ashtabula, Pittsburgh and beyond. Its been too long.
And of course the social media update, as always you can find me on facebook. But now you can follow me on twitter @davidmeekart, and follow me on the next wave at google+! I look forward to seeing you all at the shop or on the road or somewhere in cyber space.
9 piece magnet set valued at $90… bidding starts at $25 bucks here
5×7 girlhead. Bidding starts at $25 here

Awesome Raffle Turnout!

Well its been one whole week since I’ve started raising money for my pal Dan Roberson. He was struck by a train on the 25th of august but is doing pretty damn good considering. The Tattoo Raffle i put together is in full swing. Ive sold over $200 dollars worth of tickets which is awesome. People keep coming in to donate. I’ve also got some original art finished up so bidding can begin on that today. As for the raffle, I’d like to get at least $500 donated by the end of the month. I hope everyone had a great labor day and is ready for fall to show its chilly face. I know i am. Riding a bike to work in 110 degree whether in jeans aint no joke. Thanks for reading and reposting.

this skull and guns painting is of one of Dans tattoos on his torso. Its a design from troy timpel that i reworked a little for the painting. Starting bid is $25 it is 9″x 12″ ink and watercolor.
This mum is 8″x10″ prisma marker and ink pencil on watercolor paper. Starting bid is $25.
the art auction will be silent and i will be taking bids through my facebook inbox.
Stay tuned for more art and updates on the current status of my pal. And Dont forget to check out my girlfriend Johnnas fundraiser for Dan through her website, for those of you looking for cute smelly good things for your house or early christmas gifts.

$400 Tattoo for only $20 bucks!!!

You heard right, Im giving away $400 worth of tattoo time with me, David Meek. Last Thursday, the 25th, my very good friend Dan Roberson was in an accident involving a train. He is currently in stable condition and awaiting further updates from the medical staff at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, NC. He is the father of 3 month old baby Max. He is as good a friend as they come.

He was with me when I met my girlfriend Johnna, (who is also doing a Scentsy Wickless Candle Fundraiser, here, where she is donating all of her commissions sold for Dan.) He was there a year later when my our daughter graced the world with her presence. He was even there a year later for her 1st birthday which was in Ohio. He has been there for me a lot, and oddly enough 1 year later he is in need of me. The end of summer always has something in store. So here is how it works:

Tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50.
The Grand Prize is $400 worth of tatto time from me.( the tattoo is a one sitting tattoo)
Anyone that purchases a ticket though is eligible to receive $20 off any tattoo of $100 or more with me only!
For the Out of State Samaritans I will be uploading Original Art  as they are completed for auction. The starting bids will be $25 for original artwork.
The drawing will be held on September 30th 2011 and the art auctions will end the same day.
Thank you to everyone in advance. If you have any questions please contact me through my facebook page.

The Dan Roberson Benefit Tattoo Raffle

On August 25th, a dear friend of mine, Dan Roberson, was struck by a train. At this point his condition is stable but I still dont have a lot of details. He is a new father to 3 month old Max and this is not the ideal situation to find yourself in with an infant. He is in North Carolina and I am Tucson, quite a distance to make a difference, but Ill give it a go. Starting tomorrow I will be selling raffle tickets for $20. The prize is 400 dollars of my own tattoo time. The winner will be drawn at the end of the month. All the money raised will go straight to Dan. He will be out of work for 6-12 weeks and rent still needs to get paid, cellphones need to get paid. Diapers need to be bought and any of lifes other little necessities that might come his way.

My Girlfriend Johnna is also donating all of her commission from sales at her scentsy wickless candle fundraiser. You can order tons of cute stuff here and click on the Daniel Roberson Fundraiser or call her directly at 520-664-5533. Anything is appreciated and welcomed even kind words.

Thanks in advance for the support, and dont forget to take advantage of a getting a $400 Tattoo for $20 bucks. If you have any question regarding the raffle please contact me through my facebook page.

See you soon!