Twitter Pated

So in the last week the Dan Roberson Tattoo Benefit has slowed down a bit. We were able to raise over $200 in the first week alone, but he needs more. He is out of work for at least a few months and My goal is to make one of those months rent and worry free. If you would like to send him well wishes you can send them here. or you can check out some art for auction at my facebook page. The art is going quickly with $100 being pledged in the 1st hour. Im not sure ill be able to keep up with the demand of painting for the benefit as well as for me and other projects, but Ill give her hell.

In other news i have created a twitter account that Im quickly growing more fond of. I wasnt sure about it, but Ive come around. You can follow me @davidmeekart and I will gladly follow you in return.  I will also post links for where you can add your bid for the art that everyone is talking about.

Add your bid for the skull and guns here

and for this heart here.

Thanks for reading. Ill see ya at the shop.


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