6 comments on “The Tattooers Podcast Ep 4 pt 1: Phillies finest tatttoers protect the trade w/ Eric Perfect

  1. Seems like a bunch of white people crying for their candy to me.. art is for everyone, what if someone comes and tell you that you can’t do what you feels is for you, fuck that, work hard and do your business.

    • I agree that art is for everyone. I also believe that some folks want things handed to them. The best thing for people, is to be told their idea is garbage. I think it helps weed out the ones that weren’t serious in the 1st place. If your feelings get hurt and you don’t end up pursuing your “passion” then I guess it wasn’t meant to be. If it drives you to prove to the world that you really want “it” then thats great. The other problem with this is the tattoo schools arent really teaching people how to tattoo but rather, its teaching people how to teach people…kinda sucks. So yeah work hard and run your own race. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Awesome interview and thanks for keepin’ it REAL! I totally stand with the Legit tattooers, such as Eric Perfect. It’s incredibly important to protect your craft and talent! Why wouldn’t any legit tattoo artist feel somewhat territorial about their own path to the art of tattooing?! You know, like: true struggles, blood, sweat and tears, family time sacrificed, starting with cleaning the “John”, and watching and dedicating for the chance to be the artist in THAT chair!!
    The whole idea of Tattoo school is NOT authentic or sincere in teaching interested parties a genuine craft. You can’t teach passion, this is beyond frustrating and I for one do not blame true Tattoo artists for what they’re feeling about all this!

    • Thanks for the support! Being a tattoo artist in a town like tucson, which is filled with tattoo shops, I care about the tattoos that are being done on people as well as who is the face of our business

    • Absolutely. We are the real voices of the tattoo business. Not a school, but tattooers. thanks for listening and your comments! Really appreciate it. Feel freee to share it with anyone that will listen haha.

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