2 comments on “Episode 12: Freddy Negrete

  1. Wow!!! What a rollercoaster ride of lows and highs, defeat and success! As a
    Hispanic woman growing up in that era, (when the term Chicano was more
    prevalent and the “chollo” life-style or culture was part of it), this particular
    podcast interview was definitely of interest to me. The other inspirational portions
    of Freddy’s life story that captivated me, was how he managed to crawl in and
    out of trouble. Whether it be gang life, weapons, or drug addiction. Then, turn
    around with successful opportunities. It was a crazy journey! It made me
    sad to hear him recount the downward spirals of someone with such magnificent
    passion and talent. But, a huge positive toward the end of the interview and
    Freddy’s close call with death, was that he realized that he did this to himself.
    Unfortunately for some, that realization never comes. My hope is that biographies
    such as Mr. Negrete’s will give others that realization too and win the battle
    with their addiction.

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