Thankful for all a yall

Thanksgiving is over at not a moment too soon. It was a close one this year. It almost got in the way of people’s ability to enjoy a nice black Friday. Luckily black Friday started on Thursday not the least bit distracted by families trying to enjoy each others company. Well all that nonsense aside I’m still thankful to be here another year tattooing and living and loving every moment. I’m very fortunate to have such rad friends that I consider family and such a unique family that makes me very grateful that they raised me proper! My kiddo had a great time too, playing herself into waves of crankiness due to not wanting to nap. She even got to hang with her great grandad for a bit which was awesome.
Now it’s into Christmas full steam ahead. Time for occupy local business. Spend money with tattooers, barbers, bartenders, treat yourself to a thriving local economy this year!
Come by and set up some time for a rad tattoo!

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