Headin Home

I have been staying really busy at FX Tattoos in Ashtabula OH, Ive got some new pics to share. I’ve also got some new ideas for new tattoos brewing in this head of mine. So for the remainder of my time in Ohio which is a little less than a month I’d like to do some really cool big one sitting pieces. And the same thing goes for my Arizona customers when I get back around mid February. I love to do some cool one sitting larger scale pieces.in the mean time here are some tattoos that I’ve had a really good time doing and would like to¬†continue to do.
Crow Tattoo by David Meek Tattoos From Tucson Az
Frankenstein Portrait Tattoo by David Meek  Tattoos from Tucson Az
Rose Tattoo by David Meek Tattoos from Tucson Az

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