Epidode 13: Shanghai Kate and Jack Rudy

Awesome pic of Jack Rudy and Shanghai Kate tattooers with over 80 years combined exprerience
Rad Hula girl by Shanghai Kate of Austin Texas
Freehand Skull rose and eye by the black and grey master tattoo artist Mr. Jack Rudy of Good Time Charlies in Anaheim California

Bell Bottoms. Led Zeppelin. Shanghai Kate peeing standing up. The 70’s were an amazing time,
especially in the tattoo world. In what may be the funniest Tattooer’s Podcast to date, I shoot the
breeze with the awesome Shanghai Kate and a special guest, Jack Rudy about tattoo trends over
the last few decades, tattoo removal, and their intricate knowledge of how skin and ink react to
each other. From the days of Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry, to the days of the tramp stamp, and
present-day trends, Kate and Jack take me through the history of tattooing and the influential
changes that they’ve helped implement in the industry, whether it’s single needle tattoos or
sterilization processes. Kate is all spirit and science, Jack is all antics and aliens. I hope you
enjoy this month’s episode as much as I did.


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Dave Meek
Words by Amber Sipe

Episode 5: Tattoo School Scam pt2 with Chad Knight


Chad Knight is a 20+ year tattoo veteran from Philadelphia. He is one of the tattoo artists spear heading the fight against the scam tattoo schools. He is helping to rally tattoo artists to stand up and come together to protect the trade. I’ll let the episode speak for itself, as we discuss whats going on with the so called tattoo schools. 

Chad Knight Philadelphia tattoo artist

If you’d like to learn more about whats going on and how you can help please go to www.notattooschool.com 

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The Tattooers Podcast Ep 3: Joey Knuckles

Joey Knuckles tattooing in Columbus Ohio at Sacred Hand Tattoo Society
Joey Knuckles doin what he does at Sacred Hand Tattoo Society in Columbus Ohio
Best tattoos in columbus ohio by Joey knuckles of sacred hand tattoo society
Rad Tattoos of Gods Monsters Myths and Mutants by Joey Knuckles of Sacred Hand Tattoo Society in Columbus Ohio



Its hard not to walk away from a conversation with Joey Knuckles and not want to set the world on fire and tattoo your face off! 

After our conversation it was all I could do to hold still and not try to tattoo anything that moved. 

In his words [tattooing] is “easy to love” and he is so right. He infected me even more than I already was. It was like getting a second zombie bite. 

Tattooing is hard, and getting good is harder, and staying humble when you are good is harder than that. And then being good but still thinking you have a lot to learn… that is tattoo enlightenment.

I see Joey Knuckles as the whole enchilada. Tattoo histoy collector. Tattooer of the people. Roll your sleeves up and tattoo some mother fuckers. Tattoo style that flows and is truly built to last. 

I hope you enjoy my chat with Joey Knuckles!


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The Tattooers Podcast Episode 2: Tattooing and More with Cori James

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I had so much fun talking with Cori James. Its amazing how easy you can relate to your fellow tattooers. She is so inspiring for many many reasons. 

Her traditional tattoos are setting Atlanta on fire ever since she started tattooing. If you think you need a tattoo from I highly recommend it. You can find her at Live Free Tattoo in Atlanta Ga or various guest spots throughout the country. 

But thats not all. While dealing with an eating disorder she was gifted the book that changer her life.. A life without limits… and thus began her amazing triathalon journey. 

Now, Im no slouch. I participate in 5ks pretty regularly and have put down a few half marathons… but the thought of miles and miles of cycling swimming and running make me want to cry and other fluid discharges I shouldnt talk about. 

Again she is an incredible lady and I am so lucky she agreed to be on the podcast. 

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Adios Muchachos Enjoy my conversation with Cori James



And here is a recent pic of Beni in his favorite spot hahaha



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Instagram and Etsy Shop Free Painting Give Away

Im giving away a free painting!!! For those that have been asking I have finally decided to have a contest… Please follow me on Intstagram, and Repost the pic with #davidmeektattoos to enter. Ill pick the winner(or winners hehe) on May 1st 2015… Good luck and thanks for checking!

Happy Birthday Sailor Jerry


Today is Sailor Jerry’s birthday.  A legend among tattooers and a rum-maker amongst the rest of the world. I am lucky enough to have my own piece of Jerry’s history with a handcut acetate stencil I received from Shanghai Kate. The history of this little piece of plastic is more vast than I could ever know. How may sailors did it rest upon for a brief moment before the adrenaline and alcohol kick in. I’ve tattooed this stencil the way it was meant to be tattooed and Ive had it tattooed on me in the same fashion. Vaseline and carbon powder. Enough said. No sissy stencil papers and stencil solutions. Things were much different back then. Heres a peek for the know-it-alls  that think Norman Keith Collins was a rum maker and Ed Hardy is a shirt designer!  Youre Welcome

get your hands on a hard copy

David Meek

Fast Lane Tattoo

3801 N Oracle rd

Tucson Az


Been really busy with some large scale tattoos lately as well as my usual single sitting tattoos.  for more info for your next tattoo call me at Fast Lane Tattoo at 520-388-8282 or swing by 3801 n oracle rd tucson az. Hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving! Ill post more stuff in December



backpiece study painting 6×9
some big stuff underway
Custom black and grey skull with headdress native girl back tattoo by david meek of fast lane tattoo in tucson arizona with kingpin tattoo supply
Skull wearing a headdress. Hey how are ya hey how are ya
custom traditional black and grey inner arm traditional  praying hands religious sleeve tattoo by david meek in tucson arizona at fast lane tattoo with kingpin tattoo supply
I love whip shading

July 2014 Traditional Tattoos

Ive got to do a few really fun traditional pieces over the summer and cant wait to do more. Ive always loved making bold tattoos and paintings! I am taking appointments for Septmember  and October. use the conatact page for your appointment or to order prints or original artwork!


Fast Lane Tattoo

3801 N Oracle rd

Tucson Az 85705


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Traditional ship I got to do based on his dads tattoo from the 1940’s
Traditional couple tattoo, Thigh tattoo, girls with tattoos, cute tattoos, sexy tattoos, girly tattoos, tucson tattoo artist, fast lane tattoo, tattooer, keith b machineworks, bishop rotary, kingpin tattoo supply, eternal ink
Cute traditional couple I got to tattoo on an old neighbor of mine fro 6 years ago
traditional ship tattoo, real tattoos, brooklyn pete, old school tattooer
this was my customers fathers tattoo done by brooklyn pete in the 1940s
Traditional Rose Knee Tattoo, yellow Rose, David Meek Tattoos, Tucson Tattoo Artist, Tattooer, Fast Lane Tattoo, Girls with Tattoos, girly tattoos, cute tattoos, sexy tattoos Kieth b Machineworks, Bishop Rotary, Kingpin Tattoo Supply, Eternal Ink
Traditional Yellow Rose Knee Tattoo I did
Traditional butterfly tattoo, tucson tattoo artist, Fast Lane Tatt oo, Tucson Arizona, Inked girls, Keith B Machineworks, Bishop Rotary, Kingpin Tattoo Supply, Eternal Ink
traditional butterfly tattoo I did this summer

Summer and Tattoos in Tucson

Summer is here and the 100+ temperatures are the new norm. Some of you will likely be taking trips to some nice california beaches and some of you will head to the midwest. Its still a great time to be in AZ. The constant sunshine and heat is the perfect time to go swimming and that is the perfect excuse not to get a tattoo. Well believe it or not, there is a cure. No need to sacrifice swimming and no need to sacrifice your new tattoo. you can have your cake and eat it too. Ask me how when you come in for your tattoo, and i promise you wont be disappointed!

Tough Manly Sexy Lantern Color Leg Tattoos
Red Lantern Tattoo By David Meek at Fast Lane Tattoo in Tucson
Red Rose cover up foot tattoo
Here is a rose cover up tattoo that i freehanded onto the customers foot and up her ankle.
Here is another freehand red rose cover up on a girls wrist
I originally did this tattoo about 5 yrs ago. I recently got the chance to rework the face.I still need another pass on the headband dress and background. A lot has changed over the years.

Thanks for checking out some of my work and as always if you would like to make and appointment please contact me via the contact page or directly at the shop



Fast Lane Tattoo

3801 N Oracle Rd

Tucson Az