Inkognito Tattoo Concealer

Well after many trials and formulas we have finally come up with a cosmetic tattoo coverup. I have personally been working on finding the right system for covering a tattoo for work, for  performing or for whatever you may need to conceal your tattoo for. It may seem wierd that a tattoo artist would promote covering tattoos but the reason is simple. I love tattoos. I love them so much that when somebody says they can’t get one, it makes me want them to have one even more. Usually its the people that just want a little something on their wrist or hand but occasionally you get those that want their necks tattooed. With this tattoo concealer you can get all the tattoos you dont want anyone to know about.

I have put it through some grueling tests and with many failures, Finally there is something I can be proud of. Feel free to check out the link and browse the products. If you have any questions regarding shades or shipping send us an email at


Inkognito Tattoo Concealer Covering a Tattoo
Some pretty good proof that this stuff is the best way to cover a tattoo with makeup cosmetics

I hope this new project is able to help those that thought getting a tattoo was hopeless. For the entrepreneurs that will work for themselves one day but today they need to cover. For the actors that have roles that may be better played with your tattoo hidden. For the bride whose decision to get a tattoo of the Mickeys Hornet on your shoulder when she was 18 may not match your elegant strapless dress. For the felon that wants to start over… Weve got you covered.


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