Tucson 4th Ave Street Fair and Oh yeah Im moving

This past weekend the family and I went down to one of Tucsons best traditions. The 4th Avenue Street Fair. I have been going to this event on and off for the last decade or so and it never dissapoints. Well maybe because I never have any real agenda other than to see the community come hang out in the streets for a few days. Beers in hand, roasted corn in the air and all the classic pop up carnival food tents in the background. And at center stage you have vendors and vendors and vendors galore. All hoping to share their unique little gifts on to the world. From homemade to repurposed and even some thoughtfully manufactured items can be found. Local artists in varying mediums from paints to yarn to sealife… Its so cool to look at. 

I found myself enjoying a pineapple cocktail for most of the day. and Yes, it was an actual pineapple that I continued to refill with only adult libations. And with that pineapple I discovered a really cool fact. If you want to make friends, carry around a pineapple with a straw and some garnish. Everybody wants to know the guy with a pineapple drink. If only for the moment they need to ask him where he got it… Instant ice breaker. People seem to lower their guard when talking to a man holding a pineapple drink. Im going to continue this experiment and carry a pineapple around wherever I go. Just to see if my hypothesis holds true. 

So considering all the cool stuff I got to see and the people I got to watch. This year was just as good as any other year. We also brought home some new friends. 4 new red little shrimp that contain themselves in their own ecosystem. SO meditative to watch these little creatures swim and eat and eat and swim.  They are a welcome addition to our home and we all love towatch them just be. 

And Oh yes lets not forget the title of this little bloggy thing. Im moving… DUN DUN DUUUUUN.  haha . Not to worry, Im just experiencing a little domestic relocation. The stresses that go along with a move are quite unique and tiresome and to be honest, I wish I was a minimalist everytime. But we will overcome. 

So no need to worry I was just sharing some life happenings. 

Its hard to do but its such a healthy neceesity to shed the past from your present. Going through ol boxes, being reminded of some great memories. And other items you come across may have now meaning at all. So why the hell do I have this…. Donate. Moving gives us an opportuninty to purge our collections that we seem to cherish until its time to relocate them. 

That actually might be my new mantra when buying something. Do I want to pack this up and move this?  Instead of this is so cool  I need this so bad…

Well thatll do for now. What do you think of community street fairs and moving? Leave a comment 


and if you are interested in any of my tattoo work fear not I  will still be working at Fast Lane Tattoo on Oracele Rd in Tucson.

Heres a pic of me tattooing an original sailor jerry acetate stencil of a rose.