Tucson Tattoos and Phoenix Marathons

Its been a crazy couple of weeks finishing up february and beginning March. Crazy in its type of activities rather than crazy in volume of activities, which is usually the case.


But maybe I should back up.

The last 8 months or so I’ve found myself being more deliberate with my time. My one most valuable asset. I’ve spent way more time being with my family rather than away and the feeling of gratitude is surging!

Ill have to post about my new adventures in meditation, running, reading(usually disney bio related or self educations.), floating, music, art and even hang gliding!


So back to my deliberate use of time.

I have spent years trading time for money. And I’ve learned that that is not a bad thing. It was the precise thing I needed to be doing. Especially since have a family that I am most certainly a part of. And part of those responsibilities include financial contributions. So work work work. Well maybe more tattoo tattoo tattoo. 

And if you think for a second I don’t love what I do, you’re crazy. I’m a punk rock kid at heart. I had a mohawk at my daughters first birthday. I’ve had jobs before tattooing. I made damn good money.  But being able to do things the way I want has always been part of the plan. Want a mohawk? Wear one. Want to be tattooed? Be tattooed. 

So as fate would have it, Tattooing showed it lovely face in my life. 

Now, the mantra of MY WAY has been poking around again. I’ve put my pole in the pond from sunup to sundown and sometimes longer to make tattoos on some of the raddest people I could ever expect to meet. And as I  grow skill, they grow in styles and size!


My appointment book has been steadily filling with more and more tattoos that really are some incredibly fun pieces. And I have been been practicing how to deliberately use my time.

I also gave myself the most enduring test of physical stress and mental stress by signing up to do a Half Maration (13.1 miles) in Mesa Arizona. I gave myself an official training season of 6 days. Now I clearly would never recommend that to anyone, and I know I’ll never ask that of me again. But the commitiment to participate for 5 years and I can’t fail myself. So this year, six days it was, and next year at least 3 months.

 It’s late. I dont care why I’m writing. All I know is Im enjoying it. I think I need to do a few more posts to get used to the directio of this. I wonder if I really show how the sausage is made, in my shop anyways,   there could be some small benefit to the tattoo world or the world in general. 

I kind of feel like these article s need to be longer. Or maybe I should ramble more, or no. Thats a bad idea. They will be as long as they need to be and nothing more. 

I am looking forward to this being my personal account of life as an evergrowing artist of life, tattooing, and creation be it art, memories, humans, and anything that Isn’t already here. 


I look forward to hearing from anyone that has some good books films unrelated reccomendations, comments, feedback, encouragement, or usable criticsims!