Hiring Tattoo Artists isnt easy

Its me doing what I do best.

Its seems to me that every single tattoo shop is experiencing unprecedented boom times. So much so that Im seeing post after post on multiple tattoo shop social media pages announcing that they are hiring. I admit, even I have put out the help wanted call for my shop Art and Sol.

As of this writing, Im currently booking for spring of 2021 which is a bit hectic when trying to consider birthdays, holidays, weekend getaways with the family, school breaks etc etc.

Im beyond grateful for the trust when it comes to making tattoos for my clients. In fact, the work Ive been asked to do is really starting to line up with the work that lights me up. The large realistic black and grey work!

The problem for me is, the more of that large realistic black and grey tattoo work I get asked to do, the less time I have for the work that got me to where I am today.

Its quite a new dilemma for me. Which is why I was looking to bring in someone that could use a change. Someone that needed a place to feel like they could grow as an artist and a person with our culture.

My clients deserve the best I have for them, but thats coming at a 5 month wait in some cases for a smaller tattoo.

The best I can come up with is bringing in an artist that shares the same values and moral compass as the shop artistically, and as a business in the Tucson community.

Someone that my clients will feel just as comfortable with as they would with me.

Its less of a financial thing for our shop and more for my clients. I feel a responsibility to make sure they get great tattoos. And not have to wait half a year lol. Or settle for a tattoo artist that they are unsure about.

So I guess the point of this post is to let everyone know that I am actively trying to address my new demand and still take care of everyone that wants to get tattooed.

I do have 3 shop helpers that hope to begin a tattoo apprenticeship with me and that will be a great boost of energy for the shop and to the tucson tattoo community. But til then, Ill practice patience and continue working very hard to make things better for the shop, the artists present and future, and our shop helpers.

Im taking appointments for large black and grey realistic tattoos almost exclusively and my rates have increased to counter the new demand. If you are interested in booking with me text Art and Sol at 520-314-7358 to start the process.


Best Tucson Tattoo Artist

Hey all, great news, for the 3rd year in a row, I’ve been included as a finalist in The Tucson Weekly’s Best of Tucson. Its something that truly makes me proud. I love Tucson. And to be included with really amazing tattoo artists is quite an honor. I love to make Tucson a better place by making tattoos for the people of this community.

Tucson Weeklys Best of Tucson

HERES THE LINK TO VOTE FOR ME ! and your other favorite Tucson businesses!

If youre looking to collect some work from me, you can shoot the shop a text to book a consultation. 520-314-7358

Right now Im booked about 4-5 months out but theres always random opportunities to get in!

its me

The Tattooers Podcast Ep 8: Ron Meyers from Lowlock Tattoo

One of my all time favorite pieces that Ron has made. Everyone knows I love MASH

Another great piece by Ron. We actually talk about this piece a bit in the interview.


In this episode I was able to talk with one of my favorite black and gray realism tattoo artists out there, Ron Meyers. Ron is the owner of Lowlock Tattoo in St. Clairesville Oh. Ive known of Rons work for alot of years and it was really great to finally have a chance to chat with him. You’ve no doubt seen his work if you’ve been to any tattoo conventions near or around Ohio. From Hell City ,to Motor City, to Pittsburgh. Or you’ve seen his Ron Meyers Graywash being used all around the world by some serious bad asses.I’ve used and loved his greywash system and am blown away by the work that he puts into both his tattoos and his pigment. We touch on many more tangents along the way during our chat so enjoy!

You can follow Ron on Instagram @RonMeyersTattoos or his shop @lowlocktatto or on Facebook.com/lowlocktattoo

You can also follow the show on Instagram @thetattooerspodcast or on Facebook.com/thetattooerspodcastt. If you haven’t already please subscribe to the show on iTunes or on google play. It only takes a second and helps the show so much. 

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Black and Grey Realistic Tattoos

Sweet compass rope and map tattoo I did at fast lane tattoo in Tucson Arizona

Cool Day of the dead Girl head and skull half sleeve cover up tattoo I did at fast lane tattoo in tucson arizona

Been very fortunate this year to do so many bad ass tattoos on my clients. Been loving these black and grey realistic portrait style tattoos! click HERE to schedule an appointment with me.

Summer and Tattoos in Tucson

Summer is here and the 100+ temperatures are the new norm. Some of you will likely be taking trips to some nice california beaches and some of you will head to the midwest. Its still a great time to be in AZ. The constant sunshine and heat is the perfect time to go swimming and that is the perfect excuse not to get a tattoo. Well believe it or not, there is a cure. No need to sacrifice swimming and no need to sacrifice your new tattoo. you can have your cake and eat it too. Ask me how when you come in for your tattoo, and i promise you wont be disappointed!

Tough Manly Sexy Lantern Color Leg Tattoos
Red Lantern Tattoo By David Meek at Fast Lane Tattoo in Tucson

Red Rose cover up foot tattoo
Here is a rose cover up tattoo that i freehanded onto the customers foot and up her ankle.

Here is another freehand red rose cover up on a girls wrist

I originally did this tattoo about 5 yrs ago. I recently got the chance to rework the face.I still need another pass on the headband dress and background. A lot has changed over the years.

Thanks for checking out some of my work and as always if you would like to make and appointment please contact me via the contact page or directly at the shop



Fast Lane Tattoo

3801 N Oracle Rd

Tucson Az