Top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day is literally days away, and sometimes we wait a little  too long to shop for mom. Its a daunting task to think of what to get the women that brought us into this world, and have reminded us everyday since, that they were capable of taking us out. So in honor of my fellow procrastinators Ive compiled a list that might help. Feel free to use any of these ideas!

Sailor Jerry Traditional Mother Tattoo Flash

10.  Hallmark Card

Its never a bad idea to keep Hallmark on their toes and see how close someone else can write a generic poem that describes your mother perfectly… I myself will be picking up a couple of these bad boys…PS you can always make one too, but something tells me moms are kind of over that homemade crap.

9.  Flowers

Never a bad idea to couple this idea with the greeting card. I try to get the birth flowers of the children the made that woman a mother.

8.  Gift Cards

Dont know what your mom is currently into these days, no sweat, Amazon gift cards are the bees knees! or whatever you guess her shopping addiction might be. Victorias Secret is one that i highly suggest purchasing the gift card for. Dont by your mom a thong

7.  Brunch

Its perfect. its not breakfast and its not lunch. make reservations for someplace decent. Dont hit the waffle house on the highway, you can go there on Fathers Day

6.  Tattoos!

This is my personal favorite for obvious reasons. But it really is cool when moms get awesome tattoos to celebrate their children. Hell, its even cool to get a tattoo for yourself  for your mom. People have been getting mom tattoos for decades. Nowadays you can honor her with a portrait, traditional heart and other endless mom designs.  Its the gift nobody can take away. I actually have a few customers that have made it an annual ritual to get their mothers day tattoos every year. Its awesome

5. Salon/spa

This is a classic for anytime you want to say “yo, all that crazy shit I do, welp, i shouldnt do i so much.”  and after a day spa treatment our moms have recharged enough to tolerate us for another 12 months. whew

4. The Theater

You can use your best judgment on this one but it can truly be relaxing to take mom to the theater. i say use your judgement because she might prefer the movie theater, but there is usually a good play or musical in town nearby that you can escort her to. Even symphonies and orchestras are great.

3.  Jewelry

Jewelry is another one that can go either way. Some moms have grown accustomed to never having to wear it so its pointless. However, jewelry with birthstones are often a big hit. they dont have to be worn to be cool.  In this case and most of the cases here it really is the thought that counts.

2. B and B weekend getaway

there are bed and breakfasts everywhere, make some reservations for mom to take a couple of days to actually read a book. send her off with some wine some snacks and 50 shades of grey and she will have quite the weekend.  Im not gonna go into the rest of this one but i think you get the idea.

and finally

1.  Cruise

This is something that Ive always wanted to do for my mom and have yet to do it.  Financial and schedule difficulties have always come up. But I cant imagine a mom would scoff at 7-10 days cruising from port to port on a floating resort. Terrible. Just terrible.


so thats my list, Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and if anyone needs any assistance with number 6 please use the contact form and we will get you all squared away!


Thanks for reading and Happy Mothers Day

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