The Tattooers Podcast Ep 3: Joey Knuckles

Joey Knuckles tattooing in Columbus Ohio at Sacred Hand Tattoo Society
Joey Knuckles doin what he does at Sacred Hand Tattoo Society in Columbus Ohio
Best tattoos in columbus ohio by Joey knuckles of sacred hand tattoo society
Rad Tattoos of Gods Monsters Myths and Mutants by Joey Knuckles of Sacred Hand Tattoo Society in Columbus Ohio



Its hard not to walk away from a conversation with Joey Knuckles and not want to set the world on fire and tattoo your face off! 

After our conversation it was all I could do to hold still and not try to tattoo anything that moved. 

In his words [tattooing] is “easy to love” and he is so right. He infected me even more than I already was. It was like getting a second zombie bite. 

Tattooing is hard, and getting good is harder, and staying humble when you are good is harder than that. And then being good but still thinking you have a lot to learn… that is tattoo enlightenment.

I see Joey Knuckles as the whole enchilada. Tattoo histoy collector. Tattooer of the people. Roll your sleeves up and tattoo some mother fuckers. Tattoo style that flows and is truly built to last. 

I hope you enjoy my chat with Joey Knuckles!


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"Diamond's flight"
full color red diamond and wings

"Shoulder Rose"
Black and grey sexy girly rose tattoo on a shoulder, by David Meek Tattoos

"technology of futures past"
sexy girly custom color lightbulb candle flame and rose leg tattoo by David Meek Tattoos

Indian Girl
Color half sleeve custom indian girl head tattoo by David Meek Tattoos

arrowhead skinrip
Tough manly color custom bloody skin rip arrowhead rib cage tattoo by David Meek Tattoos

skull and rose tattoo
Tough Sexy Cool Custom color skull rose and flame inner arm tattoo by David Meek Tattoos