Fun carousel tattoo done at fast lane tattoo

Did this carousel last week on my accountant. … she loves o urple and carousels. .. think we nailed this one!!! Contact me to set up an appointment

Instagram and Etsy Shop Free Painting Give Away

Im giving away a free painting!!! For those that have been asking I have finally decided to have a contest… Please follow me on Intstagram, and Repost the pic with #davidmeektattoos to enter. Ill pick the winner(or winners hehe) on May 1st 2015… Good luck and thanks for checking!

Happy Birthday Sailor Jerry


Today is Sailor Jerry’s birthday.  A legend among tattooers and a rum-maker amongst the rest of the world. I am lucky enough to have my own piece of Jerry’s history with a handcut acetate stencil I received from Shanghai Kate. The history of this little piece of plastic is more vast than I could ever know. How may sailors did it rest upon for a brief moment before the adrenaline and alcohol kick in. I’ve tattooed this stencil the way it was meant to be tattooed and Ive had it tattooed on me in the same fashion. Vaseline and carbon powder. Enough said. No sissy stencil papers and stencil solutions. Things were much different back then. Heres a peek for the know-it-alls  that think Norman Keith Collins was a rum maker and Ed Hardy is a shirt designer!  Youre Welcome

get your hands on a hard copy

David Meek

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Been really busy with some large scale tattoos lately as well as my usual single sitting tattoos.  for more info for your next tattoo call me at Fast Lane Tattoo at 520-388-8282 or swing by 3801 n oracle rd tucson az. Hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving! Ill post more stuff in December



backpiece study painting 6×9
some big stuff underway
Custom black and grey skull with headdress native girl back tattoo by david meek of fast lane tattoo in tucson arizona with kingpin tattoo supply
Skull wearing a headdress. Hey how are ya hey how are ya
custom traditional black and grey inner arm traditional  praying hands religious sleeve tattoo by david meek in tucson arizona at fast lane tattoo with kingpin tattoo supply
I love whip shading

Summer and Tattoos in Tucson

Summer is here and the 100+ temperatures are the new norm. Some of you will likely be taking trips to some nice california beaches and some of you will head to the midwest. Its still a great time to be in AZ. The constant sunshine and heat is the perfect time to go swimming and that is the perfect excuse not to get a tattoo. Well believe it or not, there is a cure. No need to sacrifice swimming and no need to sacrifice your new tattoo. you can have your cake and eat it too. Ask me how when you come in for your tattoo, and i promise you wont be disappointed!

Tough Manly Sexy Lantern Color Leg Tattoos
Red Lantern Tattoo By David Meek at Fast Lane Tattoo in Tucson
Red Rose cover up foot tattoo
Here is a rose cover up tattoo that i freehanded onto the customers foot and up her ankle.
Here is another freehand red rose cover up on a girls wrist
I originally did this tattoo about 5 yrs ago. I recently got the chance to rework the face.I still need another pass on the headband dress and background. A lot has changed over the years.

Thanks for checking out some of my work and as always if you would like to make and appointment please contact me via the contact page or directly at the shop



Fast Lane Tattoo

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Top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day is literally days away, and sometimes we wait a little  too long to shop for mom. Its a daunting task to think of what to get the women that brought us into this world, and have reminded us everyday since, that they were capable of taking us out. So in honor of my fellow procrastinators Ive compiled a list that might help. Feel free to use any of these ideas!

Sailor Jerry Traditional Mother Tattoo Flash

10.  Hallmark Card

Its never a bad idea to keep Hallmark on their toes and see how close someone else can write a generic poem that describes your mother perfectly… I myself will be picking up a couple of these bad boys…PS you can always make one too, but something tells me moms are kind of over that homemade crap.

9.  Flowers

Never a bad idea to couple this idea with the greeting card. I try to get the birth flowers of the children the made that woman a mother.

8.  Gift Cards

Dont know what your mom is currently into these days, no sweat, Amazon gift cards are the bees knees! or whatever you guess her shopping addiction might be. Victorias Secret is one that i highly suggest purchasing the gift card for. Dont by your mom a thong

7.  Brunch

Its perfect. its not breakfast and its not lunch. make reservations for someplace decent. Dont hit the waffle house on the highway, you can go there on Fathers Day

6.  Tattoos!

This is my personal favorite for obvious reasons. But it really is cool when moms get awesome tattoos to celebrate their children. Hell, its even cool to get a tattoo for yourself  for your mom. People have been getting mom tattoos for decades. Nowadays you can honor her with a portrait, traditional heart and other endless mom designs.  Its the gift nobody can take away. I actually have a few customers that have made it an annual ritual to get their mothers day tattoos every year. Its awesome

5. Salon/spa

This is a classic for anytime you want to say “yo, all that crazy shit I do, welp, i shouldnt do i so much.”  and after a day spa treatment our moms have recharged enough to tolerate us for another 12 months. whew

4. The Theater

You can use your best judgment on this one but it can truly be relaxing to take mom to the theater. i say use your judgement because she might prefer the movie theater, but there is usually a good play or musical in town nearby that you can escort her to. Even symphonies and orchestras are great.

3.  Jewelry

Jewelry is another one that can go either way. Some moms have grown accustomed to never having to wear it so its pointless. However, jewelry with birthstones are often a big hit. they dont have to be worn to be cool.  In this case and most of the cases here it really is the thought that counts.

2. B and B weekend getaway

there are bed and breakfasts everywhere, make some reservations for mom to take a couple of days to actually read a book. send her off with some wine some snacks and 50 shades of grey and she will have quite the weekend.  Im not gonna go into the rest of this one but i think you get the idea.

and finally

1.  Cruise

This is something that Ive always wanted to do for my mom and have yet to do it.  Financial and schedule difficulties have always come up. But I cant imagine a mom would scoff at 7-10 days cruising from port to port on a floating resort. Terrible. Just terrible.


so thats my list, Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and if anyone needs any assistance with number 6 please use the contact form and we will get you all squared away!


Thanks for reading and Happy Mothers Day

David Meek

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6 years and counting

Tough masculine Rose and autumn fall leaves chest color tattoo by David Meek at Fast Lane Tattoo in Tucson Arizona
Tough masculine Rose and autumn fall leaves chest color tattoo by David Meek at Fast Lane Tattoo in Tucson Arizona

May 11th will mark my 6 years as a tattooer. I would love to commemorate this by tattooing something awesome! If you are interested in getting tattooed to celebrate the occasion please email me your ideas! I’m looking to do a large 1 sitting custom color tattoo. The more the merrier but dont waste any time dilly dallying, this day only comes once a year and will fill up quick!



fast lane tattoo

3801 N Oracle rd

Tucson Az 85705


Tucson Tattoos

The Tucson Tattoo Expo has come and gone, but that weekend will always be remembered. First off, Congratulations to my dude Clint_S for taking home 2nd place best traditional tattoo. Next year Boo boo needs to go up pantless and they will probably win 1st. But the best part of the weekend was when my boss Fastlane Jim and I scored my first Harley! Im so fucking pumped on this thing and cant wait to put together a sick 70s style chopper! So congrats to Clint and fuckin huge thanks to fastlane jim. As for the rest of you, if you want to party down with some of  Tucsons best tattoos, come by Fast Lane Tattoo on Oracle.  Im in the shop Tuesday through Saturday from 11a-10p. later dudes


fast lane tattoo

3801 n oracle rd

tucson az 85705


my new project, 1971 harley davidson ironhead rigid chop. cant wait to make it groovy
my new project, 1971 harley davidson ironhead rigid chop. cant wait to make it groovy
best tucson tattoos tough manly sexy dagger tattoo
fun little dagger i put together