Long overdue!

Well it’s been long over due since I wrote anything on here. Christmas was crazy, new years was calm, I turned 28 in January and I think I made my 21st birthday look like my 1st birthday. All in all things are truckin along nicely. I am now taking appointments for then last week of February and most of march at fast lane tattoo on oracle. I am also taking appointments for the Allentown tattoo convention at the end of march and beginning of April. More on that as my travel dates are in order.

Day of the Dead Bride Tattoo By David Meek Tattoos
Harry Potter Tattoo By David Meek Tattoos
Realistic Color Portrait Buffalo Tattoo by David Meek Tattoos
Traditional Ship Face Tattoo By David Meek Tattoos
Traditional Eagle and Flag Tattoo Flash by David Meek Tattoos